Main Howa Factory and Chiba Factory
Main facility and equipment

  made by Computer Engineering Co., Ltd.
Top Solid V5.15 2 units
EXCESS 2D V4.0 2 units

Made by Graphic Products Co., Ltd.
TOOL-1 1 units
Made by CAMAX Co., Ltd.
CAMAND(3D) 3 units
CAM CORE handy V3.04 1 units

/NC Milling Machine
Makino KGJP-55 and others 6 units

/Machining Center
Makino FDNC106-A 1 units

/NC Electric Discharge Machine
  Makino EDNC-64 10 units

/Wire-Cutting Discharging Machine
Makino EC-3040 1 units
Mitsubishi FX-10K 1 units
/Copy Milling Machine
Makino No. 4 type 1 units

/Milling Machine (turret type)
Makino KGJP-55 and others 15 units

/Injection Molding Machine
(exclusive use for prototype creation)
2 units

Mold Abrader, Surface Grinder, Radial Drilling Machine, Lath, etc.