Yutaka Kanakubo
Representative Board
Director of Howa Co., Ltd.

We established the plastic molding company in 1975 and have fostered molding designs and production technologies to meet the diversified needs of the times.
Our company mottos and principals are as follows:
  1. Strictly observing deadlines.
  2. Challenging various themes.
  3. Abandoning preconceived ideas
  4. Open up the in-house activities to share the dreams together.
  5. Maintain the spirit of challenge
  6. Introduction of state-of-the-art technologies

We are eager to achieve revolutionary breakthroughs in mold processing by converting the artisan-type mold creations to the very latest data-oriented mold technology and abandoning most of the industry’s conservative ideas in the molding process.
We would be most grateful if the use of our mold creation system could be of service to you and your company. A highly qualified staff, first class facilities, affiliated factories and state-of-the art molding technologies insure you of the most advanced products on the market.
We can create any kind of shape. Please feel free to consult with us.”
Howa- Specialists in plastic injection molding
From children's toys to highly sophisticated precision engineered molds

Company profile
Company name: Howa Co., Ltd.
Hosho Co., Ltd.
Representative Board Director Yutaka Kanakubo
Main Factory 1-25-1 Chuo, Edogawa Ward, Tokyo 132-0021, Japan
Phone: 81-3-5662-9261 Fax: 81-3-5662-9267
Chiba Factory 1-3-1 Daisaku, Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture 285-0802, Japan
Phone: 81-43-498-0882 Fax: 81-43-498-0883
Established January 1975
Capital Ten million-yen
Bank Information Tokyo Higashi Credit Association, Kamata Branch
Employees 45
Business Items Plastic mold design and manufacturing
Die cast design and manufacturing
Factories and warehouse sizes Main Factory
Site area: 500m2
Building area: 400m2
Chiba Factory
Site area: 990m2
Building area: 690m2
Site area: 165m2
Building area: 260m2

Company History
Jan. 1975 Howa Mold Ltd. is established as a plastic mold design company.
Sept. 1982 Hosho Co., Ltd. is established as the NC department of Howa Mold Ltd.
(Capital: 10 million yen)
May. 1988 Howa Mold Ltd. The Chiba Factory is built for the expansion of business.
(Chiba Sakura No. 3 Industrial Complex)
Sept. 1997 Howa Mold Ltd. main factory is moved to; 1-25-1 Chuo, Edogawa Ward, Tokyo 132-0021, Japan
Oct. 1997 The name and organizational structure of Howa Mold Ltd. is changed to Howa Co., Ltd. for business expansion.
Affiliated Factories Daiwa Mold (Korea)
T & K Co., Ltd. (Dong Guan City, China)
13 other subcontracted mold processing factories